The Sound of Colour or the Colour of Sound ?

The Sound. The Colour. Both of them being separate ideas. Both of them being inseparable.

Wassily Kandinsky. Born in Moscow , Russia, 1866.  Moving to Italy and  later on to Odessa as a child. Studying at the Moscow University: economics, law and antropology. Publishing his first essay on the remains of the East Finnish Syrjaenen tribe. Stating in his later life: my art being influenced by the colours and motives of their little farmhouses. 

Kandinsky's: Über das Geistliche in der Kunst, 1911, creating a revolution in art. Kandinsky being able to hear the colour, being capable to see and hear the essence of colour. Hearing the sound of colour. The colour has to magnetize the spectator but at the same time it has to hide its deepest essence. Kandinsky theory thus linking sound and colour into the human brain, in a way that astonished all his fellow artist back then. Kandinsky showing the way to primitive art in this manner. Prooving so by publishing several paintings of Henri Rousseau, in the 1912 almanac of: Der Blaue Reiter.

The importance of his: Über das Geistliche in der Kunst, being his scientific approach. Allready Plato linking up all of the arts with the human brain and senses. Eugene Delacroix allready writing in his diary: being confused about Berlioz and his ouverture: Leonore. Writing about the sounds of Cimarosa: being in my head all day long, what a beauty, what an elegance, what a suppleness.

Eugene Delacroix's work being a symphony of Chopin, Kandinsky's work being of Bach for example. What about Jackson Pollock? Not only his work, also the way he paints.The man himself. Frantic, energeticly emerging all over and all around his painting, being at work. What about him? Being a punk? The Ramones or Sex Pistols?

Art allways representing it's time, it might be even better comparing the painters-artists with their contemporary composers. Delacroix and Cimarosa, Kandinsky and Stravinsky Pollock and Warren Benson. And of course one can go on and on. Each and every artist has a composer or style fitting. Being a comic artist like Reinhardt Kleist with his famous works: Johnny Cash or The Boxer,or Isabel Kreitz designing in the Japanese Magna-style. Whatever art there is, there's allways a contemporary composer or genre.


Vice versa being exactly the same. Being a solo artist, a band member, playing in a symphonical orchestra etc., there's allways an art-style fitting like a glove.

It might be an interesting way to appraoch an art-piece by trying to find the fitting music,composer or band. Even the hardest art-piece has no place to hide, being attached to the right sound.