Exhibition Fucked Up - Icons in Art 2012

Creating an exhibit called Fucked Up- Icons in Art in a town like Kerkrade means inviting trouble. Being one of the most conservative towns in the Netherlands you know you are taking a risk. About half the population giving their vote to a neo-nazi called Wilders says it all. But it's a chance to kick ass as well. An opportunity to wake up al least a few people.  

Roughly the main idea being that icons and icons in art are used in a totally fucked up way. Nowadays art has to be commrcial, the more commercial the better. At present art means business. Leonaro da Vinci's: La Giaconda,better known as Mona Lisa being the absolute Icon of art. And she really means business. The Louvre in Paris making 1 billion euros in the last decade.

La Giaconda, being a good or marvelous painting, deserving attention of course. But becoming an icon needs taking measures of a different kind. Being stolen out of the Louvre and creating an international hullabaloo between France and Italy for example. The Louvre selling Mona Lisa: books, postcards, posters, dvd's, ambrellas, t-shirts, baseball caps and perhaps even Mona Lisa toiletpaper. Millions of visitors queue up to see the painting behind bulletproof glass. Waiting and waiting and...  forgetting to view the splended collection of; graphics, the Islamic Art collection, the Spanish painters, the Dutch, the Frech and Italian etc. Of course the Louvre is a great museum and of course they need money to exsist. But is art really ment to be used in this manner.

Velazquez painting Giovanni Batista Pamphili or pope Innocentius in Rome about 1650. For a lot of painters being the best portrait ever made. Still to be seen in the Galeria Doria Pamphili in Rome. No waitng, no queue. No big commercial circus. Tourist in Rome queue up in the Vatican or Mc Donalds. A painting inspiring Francis Bacon totally. Velazquez painting in exact the right manner. painting the pope, the ultimate ruler like he is. Full of doubt, weak and shaky. Perhaps art is to be used in an even more different way.  In the way The Museum of Everything handles it for example.No icons, no big stars, just connecting artist, most of them unknown artist and promoting art all over the place.

Icon, being Grecian and meaning drawing or representing. used in the Orthodox Church to ask for Gods blessing. By honoring the icon connecting with God. Connecting with God might becaume a small problem being an atheist, connecting with icons in art seems far more usefull. Connecting with Gustave Courbet's Trout , with Marlene Dumas, Tracey Emin,Picasso, Eugene Delacroix, Jaques Louis David,Turner, Francis Bacon and others. Connectin and communicating with their artworks in this installation. Asking questions about icons, like Marcel Duchamp. That's what makes the audience ask questions. 

Creating art. Creating an installation presenting icons in art in a different context. Using well known artist and unknown artist. Lecturing in the installation itself on two occasions. Meeting other artist, proffesional or not. Discussing art, enjoying art, loving art, promoting and creating art. Getting inspired by art, perhaps the one and only true icon in art.