to catch a guy named Banksy

Banksy, one of the best known street -artist worldwide... or even better: the most famous unknown street-artist worldwide. A certain kind of people would realy love meet him. most likely he doesn't!

After 'Exit through the Giftshop' became such a succes he must be the most wanted street-artist still walking around. Offcourse one of the reasons the police would die to meet him is this movie. Naturaly they don't like to be shown as a bunch of idiots, to stupid to catch a single guy with a can. Allthough, fact being: they can't.

One more reason being that his pieces are reasonably political. Being against: war,capitalism and the detached privileges of the art market doesn't help being liked by the so called upper class.

Banksy seems to prefer several motifs. He even identifies himself to one of them,being: the rat. Saying: they exist without permission. They are hated, hunted and persecuted... and yet they still are capable of bringing entire civilizations to their knees.

He is known for changing striking motifs into the opposite. They are mostly placed in exactly the fitting surrounding, being ironic. Showing his anarchistic wit and subtile humor. He plays with the symbolic content and its allways spot on. The stamp to the right of you, the rat on top, being just a few examples of his acuity.

By placing his pieces outside,on the walls, on streetsigns or where ever, he isn't just picking a spot. He's taking back space. He's recapturing a part of the city for the  public. Recapturing something which should belong to the public anyhow. No, it's even worse: it belongs to the public... only the public doesn't realize it anymore.

By recapturing the cities space he irritates the establishment. But using his humor he makes ordinary people smile.

Everybody knows it,but Banksy shows it.That's when you become a threat. Some people don't like ordinary folk to wake up. 

Perhaps this is the strongest effect of his work: stirring up things. Making people think. And perhaps that's the main reason to...catch a guy named Banksy...