Ludwig Forum Aachen


Visiting ones favourite museum is allways a treat. Visiting a building like the Ludwig Museum Aachen is a special treat. Just seeing this building is a feast. This former umbrellafactoty, now hosting a superb art collection, is worth much more than just one visit. 

The Ludwig Forum,opening in 1991 at the Jülicherstrasse Aachen, has a broad spacial and content thus insuring a open perspective. This meaning a guarantee for a future with an open mind. An open mind for art with all its currents and tendencys.

Strategy being not only presenting the mainstream art, but art in all its forms. Besides painting, sculpture and photography there is video, movies, theater, performances, pantomime etc. Not only to present but also to activate and promote the visitors creativity. Workshops in the museum? Yes, for children and adults, given by professional artists.

Before entering the museum through a small passage, reaching the courtyard with a large sculpture. A fun sculpture inviting one to have fun. Fun in the museum. Entering the museum one immediately feels the wide open. A museum you can breath in, an enormous space, inviting to strawl around and enjoy art without having to enter seperate rooms.The artworks seem to enjoy their freedom aswell. Just walking around without being boxed in, enjoying art in a special way.

My favourite museum, yes. Because of the building, yes. But there's more , much more. Enjoying the painters,the German painters of the recent past, makes my day. Great painters like: Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Walter Dahn, Georg Baselitz etc. Also foreign painters, a few really big ones, Picasso, Lichtenstein, de Kooning etc. Great sculputers: Immendorf, Hanson... the list goes on and on.

A painter like Jiri Georg Dokoupil. Member of the "Mühlheimer Freiheit" in Cologne. Presented by his painting: Gott zeige mir deine Eier. A painting made of books, a lot of books sticking together. Bronwn, ochre, white and yellow paint covering the surface. Making it hard to get a grip on the painting. Owning such a title doesn't help eather. But Dokoupil doesn't want to create  a painting by giving a straight story. Getting caught by the painting, getting sucked in. That's what this artwork does. The rest is up to the spectator himself.

Or a painter like Bernard Heisig. With a wonder of paint titled: Christ refusing obedience. Creating a new Christ. Not an obidient one. A Christ not a Saviour, but a Christ resisting it all.

Resisting it all. No reason to resist those kinds of painting, for me at least. Getting inspired and ejoying them. Going in to my studio and starting to create my own. Not theirs but my own. That's what art in the museum is to me. Enjoying and inspiration. No more, no less.  Just enjoying the art in my favourite museum nearby.