Abstract drawings

L ócchio é la finestra dell' anima

The eye is the window to the soul

Codex Atlanticus, 119 b.C

If the eye is the window to the soul, then creating a drawing means opening ones soul to who ever wants to see it. Also meaning that one confonts the spectator with his deepest inside, even if the spectator doesn'know. Looking right into the soul of its creator. Showing its deepest feelings, its deepest hopes and fears. That's the real power of drawing.

Migt it be an expressive drawing of Alfred Kubin: the Intruder or the romantic drawing made by Camille Corot: Autumnlandscape or the erotic drawings of Egon Schiele. Just looking at his; the artist and the model standing in front of the mirror, giving us mre then a glimps of hisnsoul and cratfmanship. 

Drawing clearly meaning a lot more then just representing. Fact is the drawing itself has to show the artist's sensability being present and shown to the spectator. Four artist drawing the same object will create four different artworks. Giving prove that art is subjective and allways will be.

Sketching, designing, study's, off of it nomore necessary in the abstract drawings of Atelier07. Autonomous works. Starting in the middle ages the importance of the autonomous drawing has been growing continuesly. Co-existing with the artist's growing independence.

Autonomy, being independent, no strigs attached. Working without responsability? Yes ,without any responsability at all. Creating something new needs an absolute indepency. The one and only way to create a true artwork demands a total freedom. Driving art foreward means leaving behind traditions. Means leaving behind whatr ever obstructs.


 No time for regrets.