Installation Kunsttour Maastricht 2011


The kunsttour Maastricht 2011 ment a new step as an artist. Receiving a splendid excibitionroom with a wonderfull light. This specifick light and a room. Being a painter this combination could only lead to one thought...only one other painter comes to mind... only one move to make. 

Making the next move seems logical as an artist but some things take time. To me it's all about painting. It HAS to be painting. It HAS to be a painting. Using a canvas, paper, a brush, fingers, a can, a room or even two rooms. It stil is a painting. Others might or do call it an installation.

An installation being: an artwork consisting out of heterogene - sepperateted - elements build up, installed or hung by an artist in an aspecialy picked location. Being temporarely...etc.  More information on Google or even better: Deconstructing Installation Art by Graham Coulter-Smith 2006 !

Far better and being of more importance is creating an installation. Creating a painted installation or a painting. A painted installation covering two rooms fludded in light. A light one of the biggest painter of them all would have loved. One of the biggest...very likely the biggest of all: Johannes Vermeer.

Johannes Vermeer of Delft - 1632-1675 -, the master of sfere, space and a perfect sence of light. One of the most famous paiters in history which seems strange. Only about thirty-four paintngs claimed to be made by his hand. Furthermore he only handled a few themes or motives. In comparance to other painters of the same periode this guy is a mistery. His biogrphy, his motivation on how to work and why to work in this speciphic way still remain unknown.One of the few things which are certain is the fact that his artwork is of an extreme quality.

Thinking of such qaulity makes one wonder... even trying to to get near seems impossible. But not trying means faillure anyhow. However  me not being Vermeer anyhow means getting a carte blanche, instead of faillure.

 Entering the two rooms the first time i decided to create the installation on the spot without a lot of preparation. Going for an allmost entirely black and white piece. Breaking it up by two large paintings in the far corner.

Using several small hints from Dutch Arthistory to keep a grip on the complexaty of the installation.

The black and white floortiles not only being one of those hints but also creating depth into the entire space. Sticking to the black and white also insuring a far bigger unity. The black tape on the floor is slowly catching the light . At a certaing point being filled completely by it. Thus adding extra dimensions: time and movement.

Adding one more dimension being a co-íncedence: the dimension luck. Knowing Vermeers: Women in blue reading a letter,1662-1664, and entering the installation to see ... a bedazzling beautyfull woman in blue, reading on exactly the right spot, completing the installation in the most perfect way!