All In Art exhibition 2011


Logo AIA-Project.

Main objective of the AIA-Project is to promote Art by spearheading the following aspects :

1: Exhibiting professional artist presenting ; sound art,performances-street art etc..

2: Increasing youth participation.                                                                                     

3: Music and Art

4: Contemporary style of exhibition.

5: Educational value.

Staying in touch with Modern Art,increasing youth participation and creating a modern,absorbing exhibition are the main ingredients which will widen interest in Art .Being located in the centre of the Euregio [Belgium,Germany and the Netherlands ] the AIA-Project can develop into an exhibition of importance using its avantgarde disposition.The first AIA exhibit will be located at :de Oefenbunker,Heerlenseweg 62 Landgraaf on 29/30-10-2011.

Provicional Participants;

Durutti Can Company  contact by mediator: 

Patrick Bolk    

Mike Kramer   

Elisa Lataster 

Erick van Heugten

Thierry Jaspart

Tina Tonagel                     

miXile                     performing from Ireland

Seth Cluett              performing from the USA

Staplerfahrer           Live set  29-10-2011

Franz Fjödor            Live set  29-10-2011

Prelimanary Saturation Live set 29-10-2011

True Deep               DJ set  29-10-2011

[h]ear                     Dj set  29-10-2011

Charles Krutzen       Live set 30-10- 2011

{h}ear                    Dj set   30-10-2011

FCKN'BSTRDS          Live set 30-10-2011  

Sandra Hanckmann

Christophe De Sloover   Performing from Belgium


.                                                                                                                 All In Art style


Trying to exhibit in a contemporary style the AIA project will use modern media as strongly as possible. At present contact is being made with artist,art initiatives,art institutions etc.Mutual contact ,live,nationaly and internationaly will provide questions,discussions comments at exactly the decisive moment.Thus connecting not only artist but public also worldwide to become all in art.

Soundart + Experimantal Music Responsibility

Mike Kramer : Artistic leader  {h}ear at Heerlen , programmer of the Audioscoop editions at Intro in Situ , http:/ .

                     Mike Kramer's main objective is a constant search for coöperation with cultural initiatives encouraging the cultural dialog between different artistic media.His starting point in the AIA exhibit gives evidence of a broad perspective , giving prove of the wide diversity in the world of soundart and experimental music.Mike Kramer's professionalism has culminated in an excellent CV assuring a highly qualified exhibit.