Exhibition Kunsttour Maastricht 2010 


After finishing the Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht in 2006  entering the Kunsttour Maastricht is allways a good chance to meet old friends. Looking through these windows and seeing your own paintings feels like meeting old friends in a different surrounding. Large oil-painted pieces with a history.

It's not only the history of creating them and all the things happening during that period. They carry far more history. They are filled with tradidition. A tradition going back a long time. Recent study's showing that paint allready was made give or take some 500.000 years ago. Using the c-14 methode proving the paintings in the Chauvet cave being some 38.000 old.

Losing 462.000 years. What happened in the meantime? Something must have happened. The Chauvet paintings containing perspective and being of such a high level, only knowledge and expierence made this possible. We probably never will know.

But we do know a lot of other facts about paint. Facts all belonging to the tradition of painting. Black, white, red and yellow forming the base colours of painting. They are to be found in Egyptian, Chinese, Persian and Pompeian murals, fresco's and etching. Just by mixing these four colours one gets an enormous scale of possibilitys.

Being a painter nowadays makes one feel lazy and even worse: not knowing. Just hopping into your car and go shopping, coming back in ones studio possesing the most beautyful colours without any real effort.

Looking at Vermeers: View on Delft 1660-1661 makes one realise what effort means. And not only effort, craftmanship and talent aswell. After being restaurated in 1994  the full brightness of light and colour showing a real marvel. After more then three centuries the paint being as powerfull as ever!

 Maybe the enormous amount of colours being sold today has a negative effect aswell. Centuties ago only four colours being used and mixed created a natural unity. The only question to be asked: should't one use the modern scale of todays colour? The answer: why not. It's available so use it. Tradition belongs to the past, which doesn't mean that one shouldn't know or forget. Using todays possibillitys offers chances and taking chances belongs to art

Powerful as the work of Mark Rothko's Colour Field paintings. Using an even smaller range of colours but still being able to create such powerful artwork takes more then effort. No co-incedense, no decoration and a superb technique. Paint floating through perfectionism and creating such drama is real art.

Maybe developing your own range of colour is the one and only way. Developing your own sence of colour, developing your own style by taking risk.

Trying to copy these masters or there work is useless, impossible and even stupid. Knowing tradition doesn't hurt. Creating your own work and leaving tradition doesn't hurt either.